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Empowering Cambodia with Hope
Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization raising funds and promoting initiatives to provide care to Cambodians that need quality dental and medical care who have no other means to proper care.

         Together we can help heal Cambodia.

We have an opportunity to change a life forever. It begins with just one person, one desire, one dream of hope; of change…and we build on that hope by appealing to you…each person who reads this can change a life. There are many ways you can help Crossing Nations 2gether bring about life altering change. You can donate money or products, organize a fundraiser, or through the purchase of a water filtration system. You can also purchase all your usual Amazon products through Smile Amazon choose use as your charity, Crossing Nations 2gether Elizabethtown, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to us. 

           Let’s Come Together to Make a Healthier Cambodia.

Crossing Nations 2gether

Crossing Nations 2gether

$80 USD will provide 2 families with clean water for 10 years!

Clean Water Initiative

John, our American local contact, is working directly with a water filtration company that is capable of providing a clean water supply. The cost is minimal, considering the benefits.


With your help we can install these filtration systems and teach the communities in Cambodia the importance of, and how to, properly maintain the system thus removing harmful disease from their water supply. 

Just a few of the diseases passed through contaminated water are:

What We Do
Dental Care

For children and families in remote villages of Cambodia, we send teams of volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants and laymen to provide dental care for those in pain and those who need preventive treatment.

Our dental care includes:

  • Provide care to those who otherwise would not have access to dental treatment

  • Provide toothbrushes and toothpaste 

  • Promote oral health through education 

  • Fluoride rinse program for school children

  • Provide extractions and cleanings

Fresh Fruit for Children

"For some the only food they get."

John, (local contact and english teacher), gives fresh fruit to his students daily (approximately 150 children). This is a great incentive for many to come to school and for some, their only food source.

Plant a Tree / Cultivate the Land Program

We not only provide fruit for the children at school but also plant banana and mango trees in the community. Producing food as well as income sources for families.

Same with vegetable gardens. We teach them that rice is not the only food source that is acceptable on their land. 

We have successfully planted Marigold (green vegetable) on a few families' land in the community and it grew beautifully. Despite the look of the land, it can produce, which can provide more fortified food and energy for the people .

Recycling Program

Inorganic garbage is something very new in Cambodia. They do not have a municipal garbage service. Everywhere people are burning things and the plastics that don't get burned accumulate and destroy the beauty of Cambodia.

That is why we are working with an organization called Clean Green Cambodia to start a recycling program with families. We pick up the plastics and take them to a landfill, keeping them out of the rice fields, burn piles, and living spaces.

What the Future Holds 
Services that will not only help this generation but generations to come….

We are growing and as we grow we look toward the future. There are many ways we can improve our current programs and still many new programs we want to start! With your help we hope to achieve the following relatively soon. 


  • Fully Equip the Dental Clinic and Send Teams Monthly


  • Supply the dental clinic with all the equipment and supplies needed to not only provide extractions but restorative treatment that will allow the Cambodians to not just save their teeth, but stop completely preventable pain that has become a norm from childhood

  • Schedule a dental team to serve in the clinic once per month

  • Expand the Clinic to Include Monthly Medical services


  • Veterinarian Services


    - To immunize the livestock and educate Cambodians how to maintain the                   animal’s health. 

  • Agricultural Services 


     - Educating Cambodian's about the best way to cultivate their land. 

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